Breaking Her In


Eve Angel and Mika

1. 16, 2015
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Breaking Her In

I was asked to watch the office today, as two of my colleagues are on vacation, and we were expecting a girl for casting. It was totally boring, sitting all day there in the dark room, while it was a nice warm day outside. It made me kind of depressed and i wanted to leave. When the model newbie arrived, I liked what I saw. Instantly I had an evil little idea to take advantage of her like in the movies.

Why not, she's not exactly here for a 9 to 5 job anyway, right? After seeing her portfolio, I told her to strip. She didn't really want to, which just made things more interesting. I got touchy feely, and I had a hunch she was enjoying the situation too. Soon I was fingering and fisting her, and she got totally into it. long pointy nipples never lie!

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